English MBA programs in China

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English MBA programs in China

Master in Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally acknowledged postgraduate scope in administration and organization, which addresses the needs of avocation professionals wishing to progress in their field expertise. MBA programmes may tackle specific design projects in fields a well-known as accounting, finance, human resource, health service, community administration, sales, marketing or business management.

MBA degree has played a major part in the moulding of very exceptional individuals to help push the economy of China to a point where it is considered by professionals as the best in the world. The MBA courses offered to international students is offered in English medium. There are well-qualified professors with several years of international experience who are adequately fluent in the English language.

There are diverse programs offered in the English medium for international students in China’s prestigious universities. These universities that offer English MBA programs include;

1.    Dalian University of Technology

2.    Guangdong University of Foreign Studies

3.    Jiangsu University

4.    Nankai University

5.    Ningbo University

6.    Beijing Technology and Business University

7.    Bohai University

8.    University of International Business and Economics

9.    University of Science and Technology Beijing

10.   Wuhan University

11.   Wuhan University of Technology

12.   Xi an Liverpool University

13.   Zhejiang Normal University

14.   Zhejiang University

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