Why study MBBS in China?

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Why study MBBS in China?

Why study MBBS in China?



Although studying medicine has its rewards, many students find it difficult to find a university that suits all their needs. Studying medicine in China has been found to be an exceptional option for students all aroud the world.

With up to 49 approved medical schools registered with the World Health Organisation there are an abundant number of eligible schools that students may attend. After students fulfil all the requirements needed after the final exam They will be awarded with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree which will be recognised by any contry world wide. This international recognistion by the Chinese universities gives students a sense of safety and security that after their tireless tuition they have nothing to fear.

Studying medicine abroad can be expensive but studying in China is comparitively cheaper. The US MD program course (equivalent to MBBS) cost around USD 160,000-200,000. This excludes four years of Pre-med study. While a student can complete an MBBS course from any of the China's medical university list for 6 years for only USD 30,000 – 50,000. Not only is it cheaper but on par with Western higher education in medicine. Many of the universities in China are amoung the top 500 universities in the world and stand in the forefront of modern medical education.

MBBS course has been taught in english throughout China for a number of years and has produced many Doctors that are practicing not only in their respective countries but throughout the world.

Some might think that admission into a top medical university would be rather difficult, Wrong again.

Gaining admission to a top university in China is easy compared to unversities in the U.S, europe, and even the subcontinental regions of India and Pakistan. The requirement levels for admissions in China are considerably more attainable than eslewhere and there are no pressures of high levels of competition or fierce application processes.

After admission the student can immerse themsleves in a lively yet structured international study program. They will be sure to meet and mingle with a number of students just like them from all across the global. This environment is sure to produce a suitable atmosphere for constructive learning.

Lastly the safety and security in China is indeed unparallel to any. Students are sure that they and their belongings are safe at all times. With a strict government and police force crime and law disobedience is something that is not heard of.

MBBS in China, definitely the best option for your medical degree.

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