Pharmacy in China

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Pharmacy in China

Interested in pursuing a career in Pharmacy? Read on

Pharmacy is the knowledge andmethodology of concocting and dispensing drugs. It’s a profession in the health discipline and it links health sciences with chemical sciences and focuses on the safe and effective usage of pharmaceutical drugs

The practice of pharmacy includes traditional roles such as dispensing medication integrated with modern roles such as reviewing of medications. Pharmacist are drug experts who need to optimise use of medication for the sole benefit of the patient.

Pharmacy can be divided into:

·         Pharmaceutics

·         Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

·         Pharmacy Practice

In the academic career of pharmacy, pre-pharmacy courses are offered as either two or four year degree. the degree for the duration of 4 years incorporate more general education and liberal arts classes whilst the two year degree focuses on courses relevant only to this particularfield .

To meet prerequisites for this field, students must enrol in courses that cover: general and organic chemistry, human anatomy and physiology,microbiology, molecular and cellular biology.

To graduate as a pharmacist, combined degrees are offered in various forms. Courses of 6 to seven years award students with both bachelors and doctor of pharmacy degree upon graduation.

Below is a list composed of the best schools in China to pursue a career:


·         Some of these schools fall under the exclusive projects such as project 211 and project 285


1.       Dalian Medical University

2.       Nankai University

3.       Liaoning Normal University

4.       Jiangsu University

5.       Central South University

6.       Shangdong University

7.       Huazhong University of Science and Technology

8.       Sichuan University

9.       China Medical University

10.   Fudan University

11.   Tianjin University

12.   Wuhan University

13.   Guangxi Medical University

14.   Jinzhou Medical University

15.   Hebei Medical University

16.   Soochow University

17.   Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

18.   University of Jinan

19.   Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

20.   Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

21.   Zhejiang Ocean University

22.   Shenyang University of Chemical Technology

23.   Ocean University of China

24.   Shandong Normal University

25.   Xi’an Jiaotong University

26.   Yantai University

27.   Southwest University

28.   Hebei University

29.   Chongqing University

30.   Hebei University of Science and Technology

As a pharmacist you have to devote yourself and your lifetime to others through your profession. In fulfilling your oath as a professional pharmacist it is necessary to ensure the filed does away with the monotony of futile prescriptions and give the single remedy!

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