China medical universities recognized by PMDC

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China medical universities recognized by PMDC

A lot more people are now concentrating on MBBS inChinafor Pakistani students in terms of their future advancement. For that reason, it is essential to list some universities certified with PMDC for their benefits. The following are the universities hosting MBBS inChinafor Pakistani students acknowledged by PMDC.

PMDC is a corporation established under the Pakistan Medical & Dental Council to function as manager in the establishment of conventional basic and higher qualifications in Medicine and Dentistry inPakistan. The PMDC performs operations in the standardization of programs of training for acquisition of an undergraduate or postgraduate degree credentials, setting up the standards of examinations carried out by medical colleges inPakistanand the way the exams are carried out. The panel through series of exams tests the understanding of Pakistani students who studied their undergraduate course abroad. PMDC allows these medical students and gives them license to train in the country.  Because of these reasons, most medical universities inChinaapply to the PMDC for acceptance and the authorization to admit Pakistani students. This step has enabled the graduates from medical colleges approved by the PMDC to be qualified to sit for the board examinations after graduating college.


Most medical universities inChinause the directives of the PMDC to construct their curriculum. The progression of medicine inChinaand the use of modern day conveniences make it simpler for international students to study and understand. Pakistani students with the objective to study medicine or dentistry inChinashould have no concern about the credibility of the standard of education they acquire inChina. The medical colleges that admit them are acknowledged the PMDC. Students should initially check out the medical colleges they apply to be certain.


ThePakistanmedical and dental council (PMDC) guarantees that universities meet mastered requirements before they receive certification. There are a lot of universities that are PMDC acknowledged inChina. Amongst them are:

1. PekingUnionMedicalCollege

2. BeijingMedicalUniversity

3. ShanghaiMedicalUniversity

4. Xian Jiao tong University,

5. XinjiangMedicalUniversity,  

6. ShandongUniversity

7. Central south university

8. GuangdongPharmaceuticalUniversity

9. WeifangMedicalUniversity

10.    ChinaMedicalUniversity

11.    ShiheziUniversity

12.    SoutheastUniversity

13.    NanjingMedicalUniversity

14.    GuangxiMedicalUniversity

15.    JiamusiUniversity

16.    HuazhongUniversity of science and technology

17.    JiangsuUniversity

18.    QingdaoUniversity

19.    DalianMedicalUniversity

20.    HebeiMedicalUniversity

21.    HebeiNorthUniversity

22.    Hubei TCM university

23.    Xian Juotong medical university

24.    Hunan TCM university

25.    Shanxi medicaluniversityofTCM

26.    Shenyang medical university

27.    Shanghai medical university

28.    Wuhan Hubei TCM university

29.    Xinjiang medical university

30.    RenminuniversityofChina

31.    Beijing normal university

32.    Tianjin university


 According to the PMDC these colleges comply with the rules of a medical teaching institution and hence have obtained certification after following the application processes that are required. The processes involved in obtaining certification are long and well designed. It is indicated that organizations that get certification are well assisted, handled and academically very good.


 A healthy portion of the international students inChinalive fromPakistan. It is important that the PMDC identifies colleges that are prepared to coach international students. The certification not only allows students to study here in China but it also makes getting a job in Pakistan a lot easier as the degrees are further made genuine. 


 The PMDC keeps an excellent relationship with many of the colleges inChinaas college students frequently apply and graduate. It gives us excellent satisfaction to be associated with a well-acclaimed institution like the PMDC

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