how much does it cost to study nursing in china

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how much does it cost to study nursing in china

The degree of nursing is widely offered in China and normally cost between 20000 and 30000 RMB(CNY). But that is only the tuition fees. You will also incure other expenses related to your studying that will have to be paid to the university. These costs are your application fee which is about 800 RMB and your Visa fee which costs about 1000 RMB.

Other living costs such as rent, meals and furniture are completely variable and all depends on what you buy and how much you buy.

Rent is paid annually or biannually. Rent costs about 1300 RMB per month in smaller cities and can go up to 3000 RMB in bigger cities. Heating, water and electricity are usually are exclusive. For electricity and water about 100-200 RMB would be enough for a month to month basis.

Meals range between 800-1000 RMB on a monthly basis. Eating at home and making your own meals in your apartment are a much cheaper and healthier option in the long run. You save money that you use for tansportation as well as avoiding high meal prices.

Groceries can be bough at your local convinience store. Dairy products are on the more expensive side so buying milk  in bulk is a smart option. These stores have sales on a reguar basis and if taken advantage of acn help you the student save some serious money.

To fully furnish a new apartment can be costly. So if need be you can buy things one at a time and over a semester build your apartment. In total it would cost about 2500-3500 RMB. This would include a fridge, washing machine, stove, oven, desk, chair, couch and cupboads.

keeping an eye on your expenses will most definitely guarentee that you dont over spend.

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