medical study in China Bangladeshi students

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medical study in China Bangladeshi students

Thinking of where to further your education? Chinarecently has shown a dramatic change in higher education for the last 30 years which has resulted to the higher number of international students coming to the country to study and to explore.


The Chinese government has invested more resources to establish over 5000 universities to meet international standard by equipping these universities with modern educational facilities to enable these universities internationalcompetitive. There are about many interesting programs available for Bangladeshi student in top ranking universities with affordable and reasonable cost with encouraging environment conducive for learning.


With most accrediteduniversities, Bangladeshi students can successfully offer their MBBS here in China since most of the universities are WHO, UNESCO andBMDC approved. Bangladeshi students after graduation can decide to have their internship here in China or anywhere across the world. When it comes to practical know, most medical universities are affiliated to various hospitals, students are taken on particular days to these hospitals. Thisat least Help students transmute theory knowledge into practical knowledge.


Chinese universities offerBangladeshi students with both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in both Chinese and English medium. There are also scholarships available provide by the Chinese government, ministry of education and Chinese scholarship councils for Bangladesh students.


Applicants below the ages of 25 years old with Higher school certificate (HSC)are eligible to apply for undergraduate MBBS study here in China.

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