What do I need to do to practice my medical degree in South Africa?

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What do I need to do to practice my medical degree in South Africa?

Foreign medical health practitioners who possess qualifications that enable them to practice medicine or dentistry abroad or in South Africa must apply to register with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) inthe Public Service catergory, provided taht the applicant meet all the minimum requirements of the application process. The following documents are required for this process:

1. Original application form (form 12) duly completed. Please note that section A and section B of form 12 must be completed by a Medical Practitioner and certified in the presence of a Commissioner of Oaths.

2. Proof of holding an appropriate qualification in medicine or dentistry in the country of origin (attach a copy of degree certificate certified by a Notary Public and a sworn translation thereof in English also certified by a Notary Public).

3. Notarised clear copy of Identity Document / Passport

4. Original Certificate of Status not older than three (3) months from date of issue.

5. Endorsement letter from the Foreign Workforce Management Programme (FWMP)

6. Examination fee for Board Exam (where applicable)

7. Registration Fees

8. Pro Rata Annual Fees

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