Where is the best destination to study medicine?

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Where is the best destination to study medicine?

There are many inquisitions as to where as to where is the best place to study medicine. The medical field is no longer limited to human to human diagnosis. Medicine is constantly evolving and so are our aspirations and desires towards medicine.

Pursuing your dreams aboard opens up many doors, the opportunity to meet new people from different ethnicities and various other reasons. The question still stands, where is the best place to study medicine? Every country varies- but one thing is for sure- affordability, quality of education and security is the fundamentals on everyone’s mind when thinking about studying abroad.

England and the U.S.A are highly reputable for their standard of education, especially in the tertiary level. Despite their reputability, the cost of living and universities fees in both these countries are extremely expensive. On average a student in England needs 7208pounds per semester just for their running cost, let alone their tuition fees which is approximately more than $14200 per semester. In the U.S.A a student’s running cost is between $5000 and $1100 per year. Tuition is usually around $8000 to $50000 a year.

China is gradually climbing up the top 100 university leader board with an abundant amount of international students studying throughout china. Not only because it has an affordable cost of living and tuition fees, but also due to the constant improvement in quality of education and medical courses offered. Customarily a student’s running cost equates between $1800 to $3600 per year, while tuition fees range between $2200 and $5000 per year. India is continuously enhancing their medical programs, but getting admission into a medical institute in India is relatively difficult and will cost you a fortune. Tuition fees in India vary from $2000 to $13400per year depending on how distinguished the university is. The cost of living is relatively between $400 and $600.

Without a doubt China is not only affordable, safe and has top ranked universities worldwide, but is well known for its establishing education system. China compared to many other countries is the preferred destination by numerous international students seeking to study medicine abroad. 

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