Top 50 Medical universities

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Top 50 Medical universities

Over the last decade, Medicine or the MBBS program has reached mega heights. Every year thousands of students from across the world enrol at one of the most prestigious universities in China to pursue this degree. The schools that offer this degree are recognised by the elite World Health Organisation and many other medical councils.


Below is a list of the Top 50 medical Schools in China

1.       Peking Union Medical College

2.       Third Military medical University

3.       Second Military Medical University

4.       The Fourth Military Medical University

5.       Capital Medical University

6.       Southern Medical University

7.       Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

8.       Tianjin Medical University

9.       China Pharmaceutical University

10.   Harbin Medical University

11.   Chinese Medical University

12.   Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine

13.   Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

14.   Chongqing Medical University

15.   Nanjing Medical University

16.   Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

17.   Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

18.   Wenzhou Medical University

19.   Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

20.   Dalian Medical University

21.   Anhui Medical University

22.   Xinjiang Medical University

23.   Hebei Medical University

24.   Guangxi Medical University

25.   Heilongjiang University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

26.   Shenyang Pharmaceutical University

27.   Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

28.   Fujian Medical University

29.   Guangzhou Medical University

30.   Henan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

31.   Kunming Medical University

32.   Shanxi Medical University

33.   Hunan University of Chinese Medicine

34.   Ningxi Medical University

35.   Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

36.   Zhejiang Chinese Medical University

37.   Guiyang Medical University

38.   Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

39.   Changchun University of Chinese Medicine

40.   GuiYang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

41.   Hubei University of Chinese Medicine

42.   Xuzhou Medical College

43.   Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

44.   Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

45.   Inner Mongolia Medical University

46.   Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

47.   Guilin Medical University

48.   Guangdong Medical College

49.   Taishan Medical College

50.   Guangdong Pharmaceutical University

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