Medical study in China for Pakistani student

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Medical study in China for Pakistani student

China is one of the best suited options students of Pakistan. Studying in china is a transcending trend for higher education for international students. Paying more focus to students of Pakistan, china will open many doors and key opportunities.

In order for Pakistan students to study in China, they first need to make an inquiry as to whether the institute is accredited and recognised by Pakistan Medical & Dental Council (PMDC). According to the new rules and regulations of PMDC, every graduate has to sit for NEB/PMDC exam after returning from studying abroad.

Provided below is a list of universities that are approved by the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC):


·        Anhui Medical University

·        Beihua University

·        Capital Medical University

·        China Medical University

·        China Three Gorges University

·        Chongqing Medical University

·        Dali University

·        Dalian Medical University

·        Fudan University

·        Fujian Medical University

·        Guangxi Medical University

·        Guangzhou Medical University

·        Harbin Medical University

·        Hebei Medical University

·        Huazhong University of Science and Technology

·        Jiangsu University

·        Jilin University

·        Jinan University

·        Kunming Medical University

·        Lanzhou University

·        Liaoning Medical University

·        Nanjing Medical University

·        Nankai University

·        Nantong University

·        Ningbo University

·        Ningxia Medical University

·        North Sichuan Medical College

·        Qingdao University

·        Shandong University

·        Shantou University

·        Shihezi University

·        Sichuan University

·        Soochow University

·        Southeast University

·        Southern Medical University

·        Sun Yat-sen University

·        Taishan Medical University

·        Tianjin Medical University

·        Tongji University

·        Weifang Medical University

·        Wenzhou Medical College

·        Wuhan University

·        Xi'an Jiaotong University

·        Xiamen University

·        Xinjiang Medical University

·        Xuzhou Medical College

·        Yangzhou University

·        Zhejiang University

·        Zhengzhou University

China offers quality world class education at half the cost of the western world. China is driven in providing the best quality education to all keen applicants and the country’s fair nature, gives everyone the chance to fulfil their dreams.  Since recent times, china has made many advances in their schools and institutes providing many courses in the English medium as well as variety of courses to choose from. Definitely allowing students to be spoilt for choice. Most institutes or agencies that assist and conduct your application process aid you from start to finish , which includes visa applications , accommodation and establishment of the students .

Public safety and security is also promised by the country as it works tirelessly to combat crime and corruption, ensuring safety for all at all times. In addition the country boast colourful life, with many travelling and recreational opportunities for those who wish to unwind from their usual busy schedules. 

Studying in China for Pakistani poses no difficulty, the country itself is home to a Muslim population which caters adequately for their needs, in terms of prayer facilities and halaal foods. The country also boasts a rich history, a variety of climates and many famous destination for your free time. There’s no doubt as to why China has become the populous destination for not only Pakistani students but the majority of globe.

If you are considering China as an option for studying abroad, then you’re definitely on the right track. China will leave no occasion for disappointment. It guarantees an ideal life style with modern and up-to-date educational environment.

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