Medical Universities in China for International Students

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Medical Universities in China for International Students

With an enormous population of 1.371 billion people, China has strived all the way to become the educational hub, providing an amazing platform for foreign students every year. After all, why not take a chance when state-of-the-art affiliated hospitals and well ranked universities, if not top are within your arm’s length?  There are many opportunities which are available for students who qualify the MBBS in China.

However, to reach the aim in having entrance into a medical university in China to study MBBS, few simple points is required to keep in mind, no hard and fast rules, such as:

·         Planning out the required budget.

·         Looking up a proper accredited Medical university in the desired city.

·         Having all the documents required on hand, which include:

                         1. Digital passport sized photo.
                         2. Passport page with basic information.
                         3. Completely filled health check up form (foreigner physical examination form).
                         4. High school certificate and transcript or any secondary schooling equivalents to high school certificate i.e. A level or O level, ACT, SAT or AP test, etc. Applicants with a higher degree should submit both the degree and the transcript.
                         5. A completely filled application form for the corresponding university.
                         6. Your permanent detailed postal address and phone number.

It is certain planning out the required budget is completely a personal choice. However, to find out the universities which fit for you, there are quite many, foremost universities to help out with. Medical schools in China are recognized by the Medical Council of China and many of them are recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) in the “Directory of World Medical Schools”.

So why study MBBS in China?

          China offers world class infrastructure on the campuses, meaning making your study as virtual and interactive as possible. Furthermore, huge population gives great opportunity for the medical students to get exposed practical learning in affiliated hospitals which are extremely large in size such as 8,000 hospital beds. And what’s more, with the amount of foreign students increasing every year in China, having the intercultural experience is such a privilege to be presented with.


Well ranked universities that offer MBBS in China include:

1) Capital Medical University - Beijing

Tuition: RMB 50,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

2) Nanjing University – Nanjing

Tuition: RMB 34,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

3) Tianjin Medical University – Tianjin

Tuition: RMB 41,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

4) Hebei Medical University – Hebei

Tuition: RMB 40,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

5) Fudan University – Shanghai

Tuition: RMB 75,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

6) Zhejiang University – Hangzhou

Tuition: RMB 42,800 per year
Duration: 6 years

7) China Medical University – Shenyang

Tuition: RMB 40,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

8) Sichuan University – Chengdu

Tuition: RMB 45,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

9) Wuhan University – Wuhan

Tuition: RMB 32,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

10) Shandong University – Jinan

Tuition: RMB 45,000 per year
Duration: 6 years

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