Nursing – China

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Nursing – China

Nursing is professional occupation in the health care sector or health sciences department. In nursing there are many specialities with different prescribing authority. Some nurses may work under physician’s orders whilst traditionally they remain the care provider. Nurses may practice independently in multiple departments based on their level of training.

Nurses function either interdependently with physicians or independently as nursing professionals.

The definition of Nursing based on nursing organisations : “ The use of clinical judgement in the provision of care to enable people to improve , maintain, or recover health , to cope with health problems , and to achieve the best possible quality of life , whatever the disease or disability , until death “.

The daily scope of a nurses activities:

·         Activities of daily living assistance

·         Medication

·         Patient education


Specialities in the nursing field:

·         Public

·         Family/Individual across Lifespan

·         Adult-gerontology

·         Paediatrics

·         Neonatal

·         Women’s health/ gender related

·         Psych / mental health

·         Cardiac nursing

·         Orthopaedic

·         Obstetrical

·         Oncology

·         Palliative care

·         Perioperative

·         Nursing informatics

·         Telenursing

Nurses practice in a variety of settings and fields- from homes to schools and companies. They may act as advisers and consultants. There is no limit to the setting of their occupation. Nurses are allowed to practice temporarily, or on a contract basis which may also include shifts.


If you’re strong enough to tolerate everything, and soft enough to tolerate everyone, nursing is certainly the right way to step in, when deciding on a career option.


Universities that offer nursing in China:

·         Hangzhou Normal University

·         Dalian Medical University

·         Jiangsu University

·         Central South University

·         Shandong University

·         Sichuan University

·         China Medical University

·         Jinzhou Medical University

·         Hebei Medical University

·         Fujian Medical University

·         Xi’an Jiaotong University

·         Hebei University

·         Hunan Normal University

·         Henan University

·         Chengdu University

·         Jiangnan University

·         Nanchang University

·         Chongqing University

·         Xuzhou University

·         Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

·         Huanghe Science & Technology College

·         Inner Mongolia University

·          Xinxiang Medical University

·         Gannan Medical University 

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