study MBBS in Shanghai

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study MBBS in Shanghai

It is only fair that I talk about the course itself before I talk about the place of study in question; Bachelor of Medicine, is widely known as MBBS (Medicinae Baccalaureus, in Latin). Chinese universities offering medical degrees provide undergraduate courses lasting six years; which usually has the first five (5) years on the institution’s campus and the last year at an affiliated hospital across the world, for international students, after which they are awarded Bachelor of Medicine degree(BMED).


In the countries that provide bachelor's degrees in attitude, all the same, Doctor of Medicine denotes an owner of a higher doctorate and is reticent for medical practitioners who turn research and vouchsafe an essay in the function of medicine. Nevertheless, those partnership Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery are forever referred to every act of grace sanction of "Doctor" and manage the prefix "Dr.", certainly they also up-boost a Ph.D. or DSc. In the big idea the guerdon to the manager of the voucher "Doctor" is conferred on the medical graduate when he or she is signed up as a medical attorney by the complementary professional biggest slice of the cake, not by the possession of the MBBS degrees. The function is hang in a mirror tradition for those who are post-graduate specialists in Surgery; on reception into a College of Surgeons, they prevent styling themselves "Doctor" and relapse to "Mister" (Mr.), "Miss", "Muz" (Ms.) or "Missus" (Mrs.). This curious position, to what place a priority in professional relate to standard is signified by dropping the title of Doctor, came virtually because historically a "surgeon" was a hard on the eyes worker, to the end of time a beauty parlor, not gentle as a lamb in therapy but posting online dissections and surgery under the wish of a gowned doubtful who was the indisputable "doctor".


These courses might differ from school to school but all schools are done with courses like Anatomy, Biochemistry, Dermatology, Physiology, Pathology, Genetics, Pharmacology and Surgery, by end of the second semester of the fourth year. Institutions across the world make sure to teach its students with both the discipline and wisdom this course comes with, because they would be the only thing between their patients and death in the near future; they practice with love, determination, hard work, caution and confidence; all in one piece. Medical school graduates are only entitled to use the courtesy title "Doctor" upon registration as a medical practitioner with the relevant regulatory body in their respective country. Medical graduates are eligible to sit postgraduate examinations, including examinations for membership and fellowship of professional institutions and most at times license examinations world-wide. The decision all lies with you the student, you might further in Medicine after your bachelor’s degree; challenge yourself and become more if not for yourself, for those who have been by your side since day one, praying for you, teaching you, investing in you and advising you, wishing you well.

There is a lot to say about Shanghai and I plead in advance that my article would not do justice to this topic but do not judge yet till you are through with this; 


Shanghai has grown much more in the educational sector for both natives and foreigners, especially the course in question, Medicine; providing learned lecturers, fully equipped campuses with modern facilities meeting the world’s standards. A list of such institutions are;

•         Nantong University College of Medicine

•         Chongqing Medical University

•         Wenzhou Medical University

•         Shanghai University of Medicine and Health Sciences

•         Aurora University

•         Fudan University

•         Jiao Tong University

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