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Studying in china is getting more popular as the years go by. Currently there are over 562,200 international students that are studying in china. MBBS is Chinas most popular course of study and most people come to china mainly to study that course. In relation to other courses and programs offered in china, Medicine is usually the most expensive. This is because the course entails so much and hence requires more researches and facilities. It also requires more lectures to cover the curriculum.

There are many great reasons to study engineering in China and the primary reason is the affordable educational costs fees. In average, a 4-years bachelor's engineering degree in Chinese colleges cost at least half the price of those charged by colleges all around the world.

Apart from the fact that Chinese colleges are highly affordable, their teaching and training systems are of very high standard. The have world class professors and lecturers who dedicate themselves into ensuring that the best quality education is given to all students. in addition to that, there are ultramodern facilities and research systems that are aimed to cater the needs of students.

The number of students that enter china to study Engineering and its related courses keep increasing every year due to these reasons.

The Application fee of most of the different major for different degree in every university usually varies. It is is the range of 80-150 USD, and it usually does not exceed 200 USD. Among all the programs that are offered by the universities here in China, MBBS is usually the most expensive when it comes to the application fees. Moreover, universities with a higher ranking tend to charge more tuition and application fees. In general the tuition fees and application fees that are charged by Chinese Universities are cheaper as compared to all other universities around the world.


The average tuition fee for courses in Medicine ranges from

2500 USD (around16,000 RMB) to 9900 USD (around 60,000RMB) yearly.


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