Studying Chinese In Jinan University

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Studying Chinese In Jinan University

The University of Jinan has always dedicated itself to the education of overseas students and also focuses on the students who want to improve their Chinese speaking, reading and writing in a short period of time to pursue their higher studies.

Students are expected to grasp more than 7,000 words and 2,550 Chinese characters and at the end of the course students will be able to comprehend Chinese broadcasting and TV programs as well as newspapers and be able to pursue higher studies. Students will be able to use their language in socializing and conduct general affairs in China- related tourism, trade and commerce. This level is equivalent to HSK Intermediate A Level known as HSK level 6 or above.

Students will be consulted about the completion of Studies Certificate by Jinan University upon the successful completion at all their required courses.

These are the modules that are taught in the Chinese program. They include:

Advanced Chinese, audio-visual Chinese, advanced Chinese reading, advanced spoken Chinese, introduction to literature, applied writing, an introduction to Chinese culture, modern Chinese grammar and business Chinese


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