Study Chinese in Xining

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Study Chinese in Xining

Study Chinese in Xining

Located at the beautiful and mysterious province Qinghai, Xining is the east gate of Qinghai- Tibet Plateau. Widely considered to be a perfect summer resort with a combination of the brilliance of nature and culture, Xining is your springboard to explore the mesmerizing province in the western region in China.

However, Xining has also been known as the Summer Resort Capital of China owing to its cool summer, with a cold semi-arid climate, but often influenced by the aridity and high altitude. Nights are cold or cool throughout the year, Rainfall falls mainly from May to September, and the area is often dry and sunny.

The large city of Xining plays a role as one of the major gateways to the Tibetan Plateau and was a commercial hub along the Northern Silk Road's Hexi Corridor for over 2000 years. It is an ancient highland city on the Yellow River which offers many scenic spots and historical sites. Xining unites with Xinjing, Xizang, Gansu and Sichuan and outlining them are Yangtze River, Yellow River and Lancang River. Thus, the region is also called “the source of rivers”.  The tranquil area brings home to 2,208,708 inhabitants and is a multiethnic region where five main minority nationalities reside -Tibetan, Hui, Salar, Mongolian and Tu. For two thousand years, they have lived here and have formed their own cultures and customs. The city majorly has a strong Islamic flavor; however you will start getting a more Tibetan feel as you move away from the city. Qinghai-Tibet Plateau has attracted many visitors both from home and abroad. The main scenic spots for tourists are the Taer Lamasery, Qinghai Lake, the Mountain-Top Lake, Regong’s artwork and Liuwan’s culture relics.

Located in the southwest part of Xining City, the Ta'er Monastery is one of six famous monasteries in the Gelugpa Sect (also called Yellow Hat Sect) of Tibetan Buddhism. Having a history of over 600 years, the Dongguan Mosque, located in the Xining City Zone, is one of the most famous mosques in the northwest region of China. Many visitors are astounded by the splendid and diversiform towers, walls and halls in the mosque. All these serene spots make up the perfect place to study in Xining, especially studying the Chinese language as Xining transforms us to the perfect roots of China.

Living in Xining has had its pros. The average expenses are deemed affordable. Here are the estimated figures:

  • Foodstuff – 100 to 200 RMB (per month)

  • Accommodation – 1000 to 2000 RMB ( per month)

  • Clothing – 300 to 500 RMB (per month)


Universities in Xining to study Chinese include the Qinghai Nationalities University which focuses on training international students, which has been exhibited by accommodating the individualized needs of its students. Foreign students can pursue many courses of study, including Chinese postgraduate training, postgraduate, as well as Chinese language and culture, Tibetan language and culture, as well as other undergraduate subjects. The university also organizes short-term study programs, as well as one-to-one summer camps. The Chinese program for foreign students started quite early (1983), and so both the full-time and part-time teachers have much experience in teaching Chinese as a foreign language.



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