Study Chinese in china Guangzhou

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Study Chinese in china Guangzhou

Chinese, more formally known as mandarin is a group of Chinese dialects spoken across most parts of china. Most varieties have four tones and retain initial consonants. Students from across the world find that adopting a language course in the country of region makes the learning process easier.

Guangzhou offers some of the best language course in china. Standard Chinese is the official language of the people’s republic of china and Taiwan and is a language widely spoken in other parts of the world. For some chinese serves as a second language after their home language.

The flourishing vernacular literature of mandarin can be traced back to the tang dynasty

Its never been easier to study an intricate language such as chinese when studying in Guangzhou. It not only helps improve the living condition in china as an international student, it opens doors for you professionally as the language extends  to being universal.

Students receive expert help as teachers retain exceptional qualifications like their masters degree and bachelor degree in education and chinese language and literature.

Courses cost between RMB 15000 to RMB 22 000 and you can find this course offered at Guangzhou normal university amongst other chineseschools  eg; mandarin house Guangzhou chinese school

These institutions organize accommodation for international students and encourage cultural activities. Students get one on one time with trainers and have an extensive choice of learning methods to choose from. International students are regularly taken on excursions to experience the magnificent history of Guangzhou. 

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