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Study Chinese in Shanghai

Hutong School in Shanghai offers a variety of Chinese language classes. This School offers lessons for beginners as well as advanced Chinese language classes. Taking Chinese classes are flexible to students. Classes are available on weekends, weekdays, and evenings.

Hutong Schools offers group classes, private classes and specialised classes.

Group classes consist about 4- 5 students per class, which allows teachers to give students more individual attention which leads to fast and effective results.

Private classes consist of a one- on- one lesson or if students prefer to study alone in their home environment then they can do so. Online classes are also offered so that students can study on their own at the comfort of their own house.

Studying Chinese language in Shanghai also consists of tutorial sessions and cultural activities.

Students can take advantage of weekly free tutorial sessions that informs students about their learning progress and provides them with learning tips.

Cultural activities give students insight into various aspects of the Chinese history and their culture by partaking in our weekly activities. Classes in calligraphy, cooking, art and crafts workshops and taichi are organised as well as day trips in and around the city. These weekly organized cultural activities provide students with the perfect opportunity to practice their newly acquired Chinese language skills

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