Study mandarin in Beijing

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Study mandarin in Beijing

Mandarin in simple terms is a group of dialects that stem from the Chinese language. It is by a large margin the most extensive of the seven to ten Chinese dialect groups with 70% of the speakers being native to the northern part of china.

It is almost imperative that when attempting to learn a new language that one sets out to immerse themselves with the culture. Though studying mandarin is a non-degree course, foreigners still prefer travelling to China to learn the language and perfect it.

Beijing offers a phenomenal amount of courses that encompass the study of mandarin. The language course can be found at universities that include

-         Beijing foreign studies

-         Beijing language and culture university

-         Beijing normal university

-         Capital normal university

-         Community university of China

-         Beijing union university

These universities not only offer some of the best courses but the emphasis placed on ensuring that students receive a good understanding and complete advantage both in the classroom and everyday life is bewildering

Teachers are dedicated and hardworking. They strive solely to make the learning experience better and easier for the student.


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