Should I study Chinese orJapanese?

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Should I study Chinese orJapanese?


Chinese language

Chinese has a relatively uncomplicated grammar. Chinese has no verb conjugation and no noun declension.

Currently Mandarin Chinese is spoken by over 1 billion people around the world, about one fifth of the global population and each year more and more non-Chinese native born students around the world are studying Chinese with enthusiasm.

What is it like to study Japanese?

Japanese has a simple, accurate grammatical system that is completely systematized. There is also no definitive or indefinite article. Japanese is full of borrowed, transliterated vocabulary that makes mastery of sophisticated word fairly easy. Finally, Japanese pronunciation is not difficult. It has only 5 vowels and fewer consonants than many other languages.


Chinese and Japanese are very different languages and they present different problems and advantages. Both languages present 2 major problems, vocabulary takes a long time to acquire because there is no similarity with English, both languages use characters that take a long time to learn. Japanese, on the other hand, is very easy to pronounce.Japanese uses fewer characters because it also uses 2 other writing systems.  Japanese characters can have several different readings, which mean that one character can have various pronunciations depending on context.

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