Studying chinese in Tianjin

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Studying chinese in Tianjin

University in Tianjin offer Mandarin language and cultural courses. Chinese programs for international students at various levels of the Chinese language from complete beginners to the advanced levels are on offer and apart from the Chinese language programs, you may choose to learn Kung-Fu, Chinese cooking, painting, calligraphy, musical instruments playing, and take rewarding tours throughout China to experience the unique Chinese culture.
The International Student Office will help students with their admission, visa documents, registration, course selection, accommodation, and residence formalities in China.


Group courses consist of: 

Long- term Chinese program and short-term Chinese programs.
Long-term Programs are designed for students who would like to study the Chinese language for 1 to 4 semesters for any purposes such as their career, business or interest in the Chinese language, etc.

Short-term Chinese programs consists of 20 lessons per week and are designed for international students who would like to study the Chinese language for a time from just 2 weeks to 12 weeks.

Individual courses:
The students may take the program for any length at their own choice on one teacher. The students can add individual lessons to group lessons or start with individual lessons and after some time change to group course.

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