Tuition fees in china universities

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Tuition fees in china universities

Tuition fees in china universities

Tuition fees in China vary from University to university. Different universities in different cities charge different rates. Bigger and increasingly well-known universities usually charge higher tutition fees and universities that are in the C9 league cost even more.

After all you would get what you pay for. Larger universities offer a larger variety of courses, possess higher level education standards and have world-class infrastucture. These universities that charge higher prices usually have the best education systems implemented and give students access to the best of the best in every field possible.

Each course at every university cost a different price. We will use the cost of MBBS as a platform to compare the prices of each university.

The tuition prices for the C9 league universities are as follows :

Fudan University - RMB 75,000

Harbin Institute of Technology - RMB 26,000

Nanjing University - RMB 34,000

Peking University - RMB 30,000

Shanghai Jiao Tong University - RMB 29,000

Tsinghua University - RMB 40,000

University of Science and Technology of China - RMB 35,000

Xi'an Jiaotong University  - RMB 50,000

Zhejiang University - RMB 42,800

Other universities include:

Dalian Medical University - RMB 42,000

China Medical University - RMB 40,000

Ningbo University - RMB 28,000

Tongji University - RMB 45,000

Wuhan University - RMB 40,000

Jilin University - RMB 29,000

Huazhong University of Science and Technology - RMB 40,000

Studying in China is considered cheaper. the Cheapest one will pay to study in a top institution is between $4000-6000. Admitance to universities is fairy easy bu one must possess the required credentials.

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