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Study Chinese in Zhengzhou

Students who are studying at Zhengzhou University will be categorized according to their Chinese levels. This is determined by a Chinese entry exam that needs to be taken before applying for that specific course. Chinese levels start from:

1. Zero level: This is aimed for beginners with no Chinese foundation. Lessons include basic words, grammar and daily dialogues.
2. Primary Chinese level: Students are trained to improve their capability of listening, speaking, reading and writing Chinese.
3. Intermediate Chinese level: Students are taught to grasp the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and translating; know the basic Chinese traditional culture; have an introductory understanding of Chinese traditional culture, and have oral Chinese communication ability and Chinese written expression ability.
4. Advanced Chinese level: This level strengthens the students’ abilities of listening,writing and translating, speaking, reading, and gain deeper perceptionsinto Chinese traditional culture.

The programme structure consists off the following modules:

Chinese Characters, Chinese taught at a junior level and senior level, topic communication, listening taught at a junior level and senior level, news listening, intensive reading, extensive reading taught at a junior level and senior level, news reading, writing including practical writing and business writing.

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