Study Chinese in jinan, Shandong

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Study Chinese in jinan, Shandong

The Chinese language program in Shandong University is divided into three categories namely, the elementary, the intermediate and the advantage course. The Elementary course is mostly designed for foreign students with none or no Chinese language skills.

The Elementary course teaches students to be able to handle daily communication and interaction and make basis for the future studies.

The Intermediate course teaches students in a way that helps them to improve their overall Chinese skills and have a better understanding towards Chinese culture.

Advanced course allows students to be able to use Chinese fluently and understand the social life, politics, economy, local conditions and traditional customs of China.

Each Chinese class consists of about 10 to 20 students and at the beginning of each semester a placement test will be held to determine how classes will be arranged according to the test result.

Regular Chinese language courses require about 20hours of class a week and some universities offer intensive Chinese language programs which has about 30 to 36 hours of classes per week.

Morning lessons consist off a language course including reading, writing, listening, speaking, daily idioms, basic grammar knowledge.

Afternoon lessons consist of elective courses namely: Film & television enjoyment, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese literature, Chinese martial arts, Chinese Folkways literature.


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