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Chemical Engineering

This is a division of engineering that applies:

Physics and chemistry, Microbiology and biochemistry together with mathematics and economics to produce, transform, move and properly use chemical materials and energy.

A professional bearing the title of Chemical engineer converts chemical raw goods, living cells,microorganisms, and energy into beneficial forms.

This field involves the application of several key concepts which are presented below:

1.       Chemical reaction engineering: manages conditions and proceses that ensure optimal functioning of a plant.

2.       Plant design and construction : this pertains to the creating of plans , specifying and analysing economically for pilot plants , or modifications to existing plants and new plants

3.       Process Design and Analysis: this requires the defining of equipment’s and its attributes. this concept is stressed in the initial stages of the course

4.       Transport Phenomena : this is vital for industrial applications and is composed of fluid dynamics , heat transfer , mass is necessary to be affluent with applied mathematics for understanding


Chemical engineering is diverse and covers areas such as biotechnology, nanotechnology to mineral processing.

Types of engineering that falls under this categoriesare:

*** Only a few are mentioned below:

1.       Biochemical engineering

2.       Bioprocess engineering

3.       Bioinformatics

4.       Biomedical engineering

5.       Biomolecular engineering

6.       Catalyst ceramics

7.       Chemical weapons

8.       Chemical Reactors

9.       Food engineering

10.   Heat transfer

11.   Material science

12.   Oil exploration

13.   Process design and process control

14.   Textile engineering

15.   Transport phenomena


This course is a concoction of natural and experimental sciences.

Entry Requirements: a strong background in chemistry and mathematics.

What to expect from the degree? Undergraduate level engineering study can last from three to five years based on the institution and whether you choose a bachelor of engineering or a master’s degree. The academic career begins with core chemical engineering course covering fields of mathematics, sciences and computer aspects. towards the later part of the degree you will be exposed to advanced laboratory classes. The course is taught with a combination of lectures, tutorials, seminars, computer practices. Some of your assessments will entail of substantial research and development reject but you will be tested through written examinations, presentations, interviews and various other methods.

Below is a list of schools that will help you to fulfil your dream intomoulding you as a chemical engineer:

1.       Peking University

2.       Tsinghua University

3.       Harbin Engineering University

4.       Shandong University of Science and Technology

5.       Jiangsu University

6.       Wenzhou University

7.       Dalian University of Technology

8.       Wuhan Institute of Technology

9.       Anhui University of Technology

10.   Southwest University

11.   Nanjing University

12.   Liaoning Shihua University 

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