how much does it cost to study engineering in china

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how much does it cost to study engineering in china

Fees: $6100 (inclusive is visa. Medical insurance) –First year. Thereafter it would cost about half from second year onwards in certain universities. Be mindful that this condition is not uniform throughout China.

Dorms: $600 (sharing with 4 people, communal bathrooms).

Apartment: ¥1000 -2000 per a month for a two bedroom apartment.

Weekly grocery shopping: +/-  ¥ 200 (depending on what you buy).

Wi-Fi: ¥1600 (Two years uncapped).

Simcard: ¥100 (inclusive of 300mb data).

Taxi fare: ¥10 ( thereafter for every 1km it increases by ¥1.2). This price fluxuates between cities and is not constant.

Bus fare: ¥1

Lights and water: ¥100 per a month (depending on how you use).

Central Heating: ¥2000 (Nov-March-however we don’t pay for it as we bought small heaters which keeps the temperature manageable and we leave early January). This is also dependaent on the city you live.


Most apartments come with furniture; you will maybe need to purchase the following

Fridge: ¥ 800

Stove: ¥ 300

Microwave: ¥ 300

Washing machine: ¥ 400-600

Wardrobe: ¥ 160

Desk:¥ 100

Chair: ¥80

Couch: ¥240


Some pricing of groceries

·         Bread (8 slices) : 5yuan

·         Water(24x 500ml): 20yuan

·         Milk ( 1 litre): 12yuan

·         Oil (5 litre) : 70yuan

·         Cheese ( 12 slices): 20 yuan

·         Fries : 7yuan

·         Chicken Nuggets (5oog) : 23yuan

·         Yoghurt (small): 8yuan

·         Vegetables : 20yuan

·         Fruit: 20yuan

·         Ice cream: 10yuan

·         Butter: 25yuan

 A good amount to come up with is $8000 (this will help with furnishing of apartment as well as you will still have remainder).

Average monthly allowance :¥500-¥700.

Flights range from ¥5000 – ¥6000 . Once you land in Beijing you can take a private cab to the city of your choosing or fly to that city. In normal circumstances the cab would Cost 1500 - 2000 RMB that can be split between passangers. This price is for an average 3 hour trip.

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