Manufacturing Engineering Degree

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Manufacturing Engineering Degree

Manufacturing engineering is a branch of engineering pertaining toseveral manufacturing sciences and practices comprising of aspects such as research, design and development of systems, processes, machines, tools, and equipment. The manufacturing engineer's main focus is to turn raw materials into a new product in the most lucrative, proficient way possible.

Engineers of this field develop physical artefacts, production processes, and technology. It comprises of the designing and ongoing development of the product. This field can be considered as a sub-discipline of industrial engineering and may overlap into the field of mechanical engineering. The success in this field is based primarily on the development and advancement of technology as well as the spread of innovation.

Manufacturing engineers possess a bachelor's degree in engineering with a major in manufacturing engineering. Duration of the degree is usually four to five years followed by five more years of professional practice to qualify as a professional engineer. It is noted to be a more of an application orientated.

Academic degrees for manufacturing engineers are usually the Bachelor of Engineering, [BE] or [BEng], and the Bachelor of Science, [BS] or [BSc]. For manufacturing technologists the required degrees are Bachelor of Technology [B.TECH] or Bachelor of Applied Science [BASc] in Manufacturing, depending upon the university. Master's degrees in engineering manufacturing include Master of Engineering [ME] or [MEng] in Manufacturing, Master of Science [M.Sc] in Manufacturing Management, Master of Science [M.Sc] in Industrial and Production Management, and Master of Science [M.Sc] as well as Master of Engineering [ME] in Design, which is a sub-discipline of manufacturing. Doctoral [PhD] or [DEng] level courses in manufacturing are also available depending on the university.

The undergraduate degree syllabus generally includes courses in physics, mathematics, computer science, project management, and specific topics in mechanical and manufacturing engineering. Towards the end of the degree students must then choose to specialize in one or more sub-disciplines.


Sub-disciplines: below is a list of some of the sub-disciplines that students will have to choose one or more of to specialize in before the end of their term of study.


·         Mechanics: is the study of force and its effects on matter. This deals with analysing and predicting the acceleration and deformation (both elastic and plastic) of objects under known forces or stresses.

·         Kinematics: is the study of the motion of bodies (objects) and systems (groups of objects), while ignoring the forces that cause the motion.

·         Drafting: commonly known as technical drawing is the medium in which manufactures create instructions for manufacturing parts. Drafting is used in nearly every sub-discipline of mechanical and manufacturing engineering, and by many other branches of engineering and architecture.

·         Mechatronics: A discipline of engineering that deals with the convergence of electrical, mechanical and manufacturing systems.

·         Textile Engineering: deals with the application of scientific and engineering principles to the design and control of all aspects of fibre, textile, products, and machinery which includes the interaction of materials , safety and health and waste and pollution control


A career option with promising scope, occupation, research and growth!

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