Introduction of Civil engineering

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Introduction of Civil engineering

Civil engineering is a professional engineering speciality that deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of the physical and naturally built environment. Civil engineering is the second-oldest engineering discipline after military engineering and it is characterised to distinguish non-military engineering from military engineering traditionally it is divided into several sub-disciplines including architectural engineering,environmental engineering, geotechnicalengineering,control engineering, structural engineering, earthquake engineering,transportation engineering,forensic engineering, municipal or urban engineering, water resources engineering, materials engineering, wastewater engineering, offshore engineering, facade engineering, coastal engineering, construction surveying, and construction engineering. Civil engineering takes place in the public sector and private sector.

Engineers of this field usually acquire an academic degree in civil engineering. Upon the completion of the degree, the new engineer is required to meet a few requirements such as work experience in order to be certified. The duration of this degree is usually 4 years.

Civil engineering has many sub-disciplines, to name these:

ØMaterial science & engineering

ØCoastal engineering

ØConstruction engineering

ØEarthquake engineering

ØEnvironment engineering

ØGeotechnical engineering

ØWater source engineering

ØStructural engineering


ØTransportation engineering

ØForensic engineering

ØMunicipal or urban engineering

ØControl engineering

Schools that offer Civil Engineering in China:

ØTongji University

ØShanghai Jiao Tong University

ØHarbin Institute of Technology

ØZhejiang University

ØSoutheast University

ØSouthwest Jiaotong University

ØSichuan University

ØSouthwest University of Science and Technology

ØChengdu University

ØTsinghua University

ØBeijing Jiaotong University

ØChina University of Mining and Technology (Beijing)

ØBeihang University

ØChina Agricultural University

ØShanghai University

ØShanghai Institute of Technology

ØHefei University of Technology

ØAnhui University of Technology

ØHebei University of Technology

ØAgricultural University of Hebei Province

ØSouth China University of Technology

ØShantou University

ØGuangzhou University

ØWUYI University

ØGuangzhou University of Technology

ØDalian University of Technology

ØLioning University of Technology

ØShenyang Jianzhu University

ØDalian Jiaotong University

ØUniversity of Science and Technology Liaoning

ØDalian Nationalities University

ØInner Mongolia University

ØInner Mongolia Agricultural University

ØInner Mongolia University of Technology

ØJilin University 

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