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China Universities Architecture

What is Architecture?

Architecture is a generalized term to describe infrastructures and other physical structures. When one studies such a course, he/she is able to understand the art and science of designing buildings and non-building structures, as well as the method of construction. Architecture also intensifies the practice of rendering professional services in connection with the design and construction of buildings.

So why study Architecture in China?

China is notoriously popular for its unique and rapid evolution of the modernized architecture. From the Great Wall of China to the Oriental Pearl Tower, this booming economic hub has sealed its position worldwide to a one step ahead.

     What has been a great advantage for China is its influence. Chinese architecture has caused a major influence in higher degrees in the development of the architecture of many neighboring Asian countries such as the architectural styles of Korea, Vietnam, and Japan, where the East Asian hip-and-gable roof design is ever present. Add to that the property boom in recent years, which encouraged many global firms to expand their practices to China. These firms need people, who understand global architecture knowledge as well as local design concepts. All these make up for an architectural education which not only builds up a pathway to your future architectural career, but expands your mind beyond the theories and challenges to generate with fresh and unique ideas.

When it comes to presenting the top universities for studying architecture, China has consistently claimed its position among the worldwide top ranked universities, hence, always reminding of its worth.

Top 5 Universities in China offering architecture include:

1) Tsinghua University - Beijing

60 years and continuing, Tsinghua University has been eminent for holding the national leading role in design education, design research, theoretical innovation and international exchange.




2) Tongji University – Shanghai

A university consistently ranking among the top 5, Tongji University owns the College of Architecture and Urban Planning providing with the most complete range of programs. Currently there are eight Bachelor's programs, six Master's programs and four PhD programs in the College. Its architecture and urban planning post-doctoral mobile station is the first of its kind in China.

3) Nanjing University – Nanjing

The School of Architecture and Urban Planning strives towards the aim of presenting the future high-level professionals specializing in architectural design, urban design, landscape planning and design, and urban and regional planning. The school commits in building a strong foundation in architectural design research and architectural history and theory, as well as providing cutting-edge studies in the emerging fields of urbanism, digital architecture and sustainable architecture.

4) Tianjin University – Tianjin

In the past ten years, the School of Architecture, built up the careers of a considerable number of over 2000 undergraduate students and over 100 graduate students. Most of them have embraced and distributed their learning in various provinces, autonomous regions and the national institutes of Architecture, Architectural science research institutes, and institutions of higher learning.

5) Southeast University - Nanjing

The School of architecture of SU provides the very cradle of the modern architecture. The faculty members boast a high education level, a professional capacity of teaching and research, and a balanced combination of its structure. The School also owns a considerable number of superior students, most of whom have achieved success to a range of different firms and such.

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