top electrical engineering schools

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top electrical engineering schools

The world changers are going to tell you that “find your dream and passion, then spend the rest of your life achieving that”. It is a wonderful idea to want to be an electrical engineer but then again, are you sure you are determined to go with all the sacrifices it comes with ? I mean, the theoretical knowledge alone is not what is going to make you a qualified engineer but then again you have to start from somewhere; haven’t said that I am going to give you a short procedure on how to be a world class electrical engineer and then a list of schools to look out for, to help you achieve such a dream; 


You are taking the first step in getting your Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering then;  take a major in electrical engineering during your undergraduate years in college or university. Consider taking on an academic minor if you think you'll have enough time to do the extra course work. take minors in management, a second language or a science like chemistry or physics tend to complement engineering well. Again, look for student electrical engineering clubs and activities to help you apply what you learned in the classroom. For example, many engineering schools participate in nationwide solar-powered car-building events or robotics competitions. Remember that these clubs also help you build your resume and list of professional references. Also, try to do some undergraduate research with one of your professors. Getting research experience during your first three years of university will help you if you have to complete a research project during your senior year. You'll also be able to network with people in the industry by meeting the financial sponsors of your professor's research. In furtherance, join an organization for electrical engineers. Some groups, including the popular Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers, even have student chapters. There are groups that can help you search online job listings and upload your resume for potential employers to look at. Lastly, continue to stay up to date on electrical engineering advancements. Below is the list for a number of highly recommended schools and where they are located; check them out and either comment on our page, write to us or check online for more information; 


                 Tsinghua University

                      China Beijing

                 Zhejiang University

                      China Hangzhou, Zhejiang

                 Harbin Institute of Technology

                      China Harbin, Heilongjiang

                   Shanghai Jiao Tong University

                      China Shanghai

                   Peking University

                      China Beijing

                    Huazhong University of Science and Technology

                      China Wuhan, Hubei

                    Southeast University

                       China Nanjing, Jiangsu

                    University of Science and Technology of China

                       China Hefei, Anhui

                    Tongji University

                        China Shanghai

                    Xi'an Jiaotong University

                        China Xi'an, Shaanxi

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