What dose a mechanical engineer do?

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What dose a mechanical engineer do?

Either, we are not aware, or too preoccupied to notice, but the products of mechanical engineers can be found all around us. Mechanical engineering is a very broad and extensive field of study. Mechanical engineers deal with generation, reinventing and distribution and use of energy as well as designing and manufacturing machines, take a car, for example. Mechanical engineers work in teams of creative professionals whose main mission is to try to make life more comfortable and safer not forgetting to minimize cost as they do so, all in a constant bid to make life more comfortable.

 A mechanical engineer makes the refrigerators to make enable us to store food a considerably long time. A mechanical engineer made aircrafts that we fly in today to every inch of this vast earth. Therefore, mechanical engineers play a vital and crucial role in keeping not only humans but plants and animals alive for a long time. The have designed very important machines that are used in the health sector today, for example the wheelchair is as the result of the genius of mechanical engineers. In terms of agriculture, we have the mechanical engineers to thank for combined harvesters and lawn mowers. For the military, the mechanical engineer has given invented tanks and submarines too defend ourselves.


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