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Architecture involves the process and the seriesof processes and product planning, design and construction of buildings and other physical structures.

Architecture: Can be used to define buildings or the art of building these physical structures. This may also include the style and methods building and designing.

Architect can be rendering a professional service dealing with design and contrition of physical structures.

Studying architecture will allow you to learn iterative processes, how to draw technically. It entails of investing all your effort and becoming sensitized with critics. A fundamental aspect of the degree will be to put forward an argument and then support it sufficiently as well as explain your thought processes under the scrutiny of your tutors.

The breadth of the study is phenomenal which gives this field it sobriety. Itcompromises of research,theory,design. It is certainly career that can influence the lives of society which explain the reason behind the intensity of the degree.

In order to do well, you have to keep dedicated in the middle of the course you will be encouraged to pick out some specialist modules which allow you to apply a greater degree of attention in an aspect that you fancy.


If you willing to go forward and influence the world, then step into one of these schools:

Architecture has become a popular major among international students in China

Below is a list of the most eligible universities that offer architecture as a major



-          Tongji university

School boast the complete range of programs. The school also possesses a one of kind planning postdoctoral station in China


-          Tsinghua University

Existing for 60+ years and has held the national leading role in design, research and theoretical innovation and international exchange. It is certainly a key institute for this major


-          Central South University

This school has achieved over 732 scientific research items since 1978. The school has reached Sterling Heights with many accolades and achievements.

-          Southeast University

The land where modern architecture was born. Faculty members have a high level of professional capacity. The schools owns superior students who will become the back bone in many fields


-          Tianjin University

Over the last decade the school has cultivated a considerable number of 2000 undergraduate students. Many graduates have become key in their occupations and fields


-          Harbin Institute of Technology

The study of architecture was formally regarded as key discipline and the school has passed many national evaluations with an A-Level.


-          Chongqing University

The faculty of architecture endeavors in the development of architectural education in China and has obtained many accolades in education. The school has an abundant of professors and well trained staff


-          Dalian University 

The faculty of Architecture and Fine arts is strict with both teaching and study and has become increasingly competent. The school is equipped with the best staff and top class facilities



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