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Engineering in China

A total of 169 subjects have been set up in engineering for bachelors degree in universities across China . The subjects are aimed at key disciplines ,  a total of 31, some of them which are mechanics, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, and  biomedical engineering.

China offers engineering as a bachelors .andmasters program as well as some schools may even offer doctoral or postdoctoral programs . engineering is a huge filed in Chinese universities and these graduates promote the economy and technological development in direct proportion. An incredible amount of 631 universities have set up engineering majors in China .

Engineering is an intense academic career that has lots of scope prospects and a rewarding pay.Engineering in China has become popular after the MBBS program for international students.  China encourages international students and has opened this degree in the English medium.

The following programs are offered in English:

·         Mechanical

·         Aeronautical

·         Software

·         Electrical & Automation

·         Marine Engineering

·         Telecommunications

·         Mechanics

·         Chemical

·         Civil

·         Architecture

·         Electronics Information Engineering


The educational infrastructure in China is exemplary. China has a large number of skilled engineers and technicians across multiple facilities. These individual have played a vital role in the development of national economy which has contributed to the growth and expansion of the country.  Graduating in China puts you at an advantage in the working sector


Schools that offer engineering:

·         Nanjing university of Aeronautics and Astronautics

·         Qingdao Technology University

·         Huazhong University of Science and Technology

·         Shandong Science and Technology University

·         South China University of Technology

·         Guilin University of Technology

·         Changsha Science and Technology university

·         Nanchang University of Aeronautics

·         Tianjin University of technology

·         Zhejiang Gongshang University

·         Nanchang Hong Kong University

·         China University of Petroleum

·         Shandong Science and Technology 

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