What Is Electronic Engineering?

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What Is Electronic Engineering?

Electronics engineering is a field within electical engineering that deals with the utilization of dynamic and active electrical components such as semiconductor mechanisms, transistors, diodes and intergrated circuits amoung other components to design electronic circuits, microcontrollers, devices,  microprocessors and other electronic systems. This field also deals with the design of passive electrical components usually based on Printed Circuit boards (PCB).

Although electronics engineering is a discipline within the vast field of electrical engineering it has a wide veriety of subfileds that covers but is not limited to analog electronics, digital electronics, consumer electronics, embedded systems and power electronics. This discipline also involves the implementation of application, algorithms and principles within many related fields in electrical engineering.

In this firld the engineer will be working with complex electronic systems and will be required to design electronic circuits to perform desired tasks. Electronics engineering is mostly if not  only programming circuits to interpret instructions and carry out those instructions the way the user desires. This process is not in the least simple it demands hours upon hours of design and planning. Only after the completion of design can the engineer begin with fabrication of electrical components and finally programming.

Not only are these experts highly skiled in electrical application and operation but also are masters as working with computers. Their occupation requires them to program complex circuits to accept instruction and carry those intructions out without delay. The coding that is used can not be simple or descrete. Millions of strips of data that overlap on another to have the capability perform every possible combination of operations that the particular machine can perform.


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