Study engineering in China for Pakistani students.

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Study engineering in China for Pakistani students.

China and Pakistan have placed considerable importance on the maintenance of an extremely close and supportive relationship. As a result the Chinese welcome students from Pakistan with open arms. Some of the mostdesired courses after those in the with a medical background are those offered in the engineering field.

China has a diverse international student base studying many different courses. Courses in the engineering field are itinerant from chemical engineering all the way stretching to marine engineering.

The great educational infrastructure in Asia, cheap cost and widely reputable background in technology are just a few reasons why studying engineering in China is a suitable choice.

Students can expect to spend anything between RMB 13 000 to RMB 28 000 on tuition and accommodation depending on the type of engineering they wish to study. In those cases where students have achieved exemplary results following the completion of matric, a scholarship may be awarded to them to study for free at the given university.

Students from Pakistan are welcome to practice their faith freely and access to halal eateries are widely available deterring the consumption concerns that many students prioritise.

Universities that offer engineering courses to international students are accredited both in china as well as many countries across the world with Pakistan being the forerunner in the list of countries.

Some of the universities that offer engineering courses include:

-         Qingdao technology university                 -  Harbin engineering university

-         Dalian maritime university                        -  Shanxi university

-         Nanchang university                                   - Anhui university

-         Zheijang university of science and technology

Amongst many others


Many major companies across the world like British petroleum, Mercedes Benz, Siemens etc have established cooperation relationships with chinese universities to absorb international students for internship and employment giving students optimum advantage.


Universities offer high standards of teachin with considerable lower costs of living.


-         AlhadiyahBera

-         Hebei North University


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