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study in China engineering

China is home to some of the finest Engineering universities in the world and this has reflected onto the state of the art developmental projectswithin the country itself. Elsewhere in the world, China’s help has been enlisted by many other countries, to help in infrastructure development. When you look at the legendary sites like The Great Wall and The Grand Three Gorges Dam, it is almost as if these skills have been handed down directly from one generation to the other and is very phenomenal.

Chinese engineering certificates are highly valued in the corporate world and there is an increasing demand for engineers who have graduated from reputable universities in China. For this reason, there has been an incredible rise in students seeking to study engineering in China.

China has both affordable and expensive universities as far as engineering is concerned, but make no mistake, these universities have similar educational standards and differences may not vary greatly from one university to the other.

A typical bachelor’s degree takes about 4 years, about 2-3 years for master’s degree and 3-5years for Doctorate engineering course. A general bachelor’s degree education ranges from RMB25,000 to RMB18,000, about RMB24,000 to RMB20,000 for master’s degree and doctorate degree ranges from RMB26,000 to RMB28,000 for all types of engineering.

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