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Computer Engineering

Computer engineering is a field that integrates various fields of electrical engineering and computer science which is required for the development of computer hardware and software. Such engineer undergo training in electronic engineering, software design and hardware and software integration.

This field doesn’t only pertain to how the computer systems functions but also how they integrate into a broader picture.

Their usual tasks are:

-          Writing software and firmware for embedded controllers

-          Designing VLSI chips

-          Designing analog sensors

-          Designing mixed signal circuit boards

-          Designing the operating systems

These professionals may be suited for robotics research which relies heavily on using digital systems to control and monitor electrical systems.

Depending on the institute you study at you will be allowed to choose areas of depth study that you fancy whilst other schools may require you to complete a year or more in general engineering.

In the computer engineering there are 2 large specializes:

-          Software

-          Hardware

Computer Software Engineering: this entails of the designing, development and testing of software. Some maintain computer programs for companies whilst others set up networks. Others may install new software or upgrade computer systems. Computer software engineers can also work in application design or as freelancers and sell their software,productions and applications.

Computer Hardware Engineering: this involves researching,developing, designing and testing of various computer equipment, such engineers can update existing computer equipment whilst others work in research laboratories and high-tech manufacturing firms

Speciality Areas:

-          Coding , cryptography and information protection

-          Communications and wireless networks

-          Compilers and operating systems

-          Computation science and engineering

-          Computer networks , mobile computing and distributed systems

-          Computer systems : architecture , parallel processing and dependability

-          Computer vision and robotics

-          Embedded systems

-          Integrated circuits , VLSI design , testing and CAD

-          Signal , image and speech processing


Most jobs require at least a bachelor’s degree in computer engineering. In the rare cases electronic engineering may also be accepted. It is essentially important for computer engineers to keep abreast with evolving and advancing technology.

Similar occupations

-          Computer programming

-          Electrical engineering

-          Software development

-          Systems analyst 

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