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architecture study – China

The are an abundant of architecture programs in Chinese universities. The undergraduate degree normally costs between 2000-3000 RMB on average. Below is a list of universities that offer different types of architecture  as well as the cost of each and application deadline.

⦁            Zhejiang University of Science and Technology (Hangzhou) - All Architecture courses cost 15000 RMB. Semester starts on 1st September and application deadline is the last day of June in the same year.

⦁            Ningbo University (Ningbo) - This institute has a regard architecture program  which costs 22000 RMB and a urban planning degree which costs 20000 RMB. Application closes on the 15th August and semester will commence on the 8th September of that year.

⦁            South China University of Technology - Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, landscape architecture and normal architecture are the degrees offered here and all three cost 23000 RMB. Semester will start on the 8th September and Application closes on the 30th June of the same year.

⦁            Architectural Environment and Energy Application Engineering, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, Urban Planning and Landscape Architecture which cost 25000 RMB each. Each of these courses are 4 year programs. Application closes on the 31st July and semester starts on 1st September of that year.

⦁            Shenzhen University - Construction Management and Real Estate, Urban Panning and architecture all cost 20000 RMB each.  Applications should be submitted by the 30th June and semester starts on the 16th September of the same year.

⦁            Wuhan University - Both their City planning and Architecture programs cost 24000 RMB each and both are studied over 5 years. The begining of the semester will commence on the 5th September and  Applications close on the 5th August of the same year

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