Best Civil Engineering Colleges In China

Best Civil Engineering Colleges In China

The common definition of civil engineering is an engineering discipline which is professional and deals with aspects such as maintenance, design and construction of both physically built environments such as bridges and naturally built environments such as dams.


Of the top 6 civil engineering institutions in Beijing, China the Tsinghua University was ranked 1st. The institution offers programs in bachelor, master and doctoral rankings and is one of the leading universities which is directly affiliated with the ministry of Education of China.  Tsinghua University was founded in 1911 and was known as a royal garden during the period of the Qing dynasty. It has been listed as one of the worlds 14 most beautiful campuses in 2010, by Forbes magazine.


The university is in the list of key universities in national projects 211 and national projects 985. This fine institution has the highest number of academicians which are affiliated with the Chinese academy of engineering as well as the Chinese academy of Science.

The university has 3 campuses and renting for accommodation outside the campus is permitted. There are 56 different departments along with 14 schools making this institution one of the most chosen and highest ranked for students pursuing a program in civil engineering.


The Beijing Jiaotong university was ranked as 2nd for best colleges  and institutions in Beijing for civil engineering programs.

The institution is also known as Northern Jiaotong university and was established in 1896. It was among some of the very first institutions which qualified for doctorate and a master degree conferral.


International students are offered scholarships based on academic behavior and exchange programs are offered diversely, the university is also the nearest to what is known as downtown Beijing.


The institution consists of two campuses: the main campus and the eastern campus. On campus accommodation is available for international students in the main building costing from ¥50-¥80 per day.


The institution is known for its practical approach to civil engineering making it one of the best choices for both local and international students wishing to do civil engineering.


Both the above mentioned universities have achievements accomplished by the institution as well as the graduated students making the entry requirements ensure that only best of the academically intellectual students find their way in. Both universities build a strong foundation along with a firm platform helping individuals to succeed in their chosen programs by providing them with the necessary skills and information.

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