What should I expect when I get to study in China?

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What should I expect when I get to China?

From the airport, it is a very beautiful yet busy scene, looking to find your agent or anyone else that you have arranged with to pick you up at the airport. Subways are normally busy, especially with lines that enter and exit the airport terminal. Foreign students usually share a common hostel, and you would meet a lot of students of different races from different parts of the world.

Depending on preferences, students can either apply for an airport pick-up or go straight to their universities. The ACASC team would make sure you get settled into your campus, and pay all necessary fees and dues and get you accommodation. Students can then settle into school life and call our representatives anytime the problems. Students do not have to go through the hassle of paying extra cash where it is not due.

Students are normally expected to settle easily into life in China as there are a lot of exotic restaurants and cuisines that students can enjoy whiles slowly getting used to local ones. Groceries do not cost much either for those who fancy cooking their own meals. Students can save a lot through this means and it is therefore more advisable. Where there are utility bills to be paid, rest assured they would be very cheap and affordable.

The Chinese people are a friendly type, always happy to have foreigners around, and listen to them speak their indigenous languages, especially English, most would try to engage in a conversation the least chance they get.

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