living cost in hefei

living cost in hefei

Chinese name:合肥

Population     : 4,527,027

Living cost      : Average

Province         : Anhui province

Hefei lies between the Yangtze River and Huaihi River; it is the capital of Anhui Province. With the population of 4,527,027 and covering an area of 7,266 kilometers square, Hefei is a key tourist city of the whole Province and the best place to know about the rich Anhui Culture.


Meal, inexpensive restaurant                                                                                 50.00RMB

Meal for two people, mid-range restaurant, 3 course                                      100.00RMB

Mcmeal at McDonalds                                                                                             26.50 RMB

Imported beer (11.0 Oz small bottle)                                                                    15.00RMB

Domestic beer (1 pint draught)                                                       3.00RMB

Coke/Pepsi (11.2 small bottle)                               2.00RMB

Water (11.2 Oz small bottle)                                                                                   2 00RMB


Milk (regular) (1 gallon)    59.05RMB

Loaf of fresh white bread (1lb)                                                                                15.12RMB

Rice (white) (1lb)3.12 RMB

Chicken breast (boneless) (1lb.)11.94RMB

Apple (1lb)                                                                                                             7.26RMB

Tomato (1lb)                                                                                                                5.90RMB

Potato (1lb)                                                                                                             6.35RMB


One way ticket (local transport)                                                                            2.00RMB

Monthly pass (regular price)                                                                                  100.00RMB

Taxi start (normal tariff)                                                                                          8.00RMB

Taxi 1 mile (normal tariff)                                                                                       3.00RMB

Rent Per Month          

Apartment (1 bedroom) inside city center                                               3,080.00RMB

Apartment (1 bedroom) outside city center                                             2,000.00RMB

Apartment (3 bedroom) inside city center                                                6,000.00RMB

Apartment (3 bedroom) outside city center                                             3,416.00 RMB

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