cost of living in China per month

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cost of living in China per month

Living Cost mainly depends on the kind of lifestyle one wish to live although it is very possible to curtail for daily expenses based on one’s kind of lavish lifestyle and how far one wish to reverse the way their living cost back home. Foreign students must realize and observe the kind of western lifestyle which comes at price and be able to evaluate the level of comfort, research the associated cost of living and carefully negotiate the contract accordingly.


Western brands in China are very expensive compare to the prices back home. Unlike local products and services which are relatively cheap. Also, comparing cost living in urban areas is way expensive to Rural Areas.


When it comes to transportation usually big cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou is significantly expensive compare to small cities. City based universities mostly have higher tuition fees compared to universities in rural areas, same applied to accommodation, food and so on. Although cost of living varies by cities in China, below is the cost of living for 2016 based on Beijing which you can use to access the amount of money you are capable of spending per.



Meal, inexpensive restaurant                                                                            30.00RMB

Meal for two people, mid-range restaurant, 3 course                                  190.00RMB

Mcmeal at McDonalds                                                                                        35.00 RMB

Imported beer (0.33 liters draught)                                                                  25.00RMB

Domestic beer (0.5 litters draught)                                     5.00RMB

 Coke/Pepsi (0.5 bottle)                           3.56RMB

Water (0.33 liter small bottle)                                                                            2.16RMB



Milk (regular) (1 litter)                                                                                                10.50RMB

Loaf of fresh white bread (500g)                                                                              15.71RMB

Rice (white) (1kg)                                                                                                        7.31RMB

Chicken breast (boneless) (1kg)                                                                                26.89RMB

Apple (1kg)                                                                                                                   11.84RMB

Tomato (1kg)                                                                                                                8.29RMB

Potato (1kg)                                                                                                                  5.93RMB



One way ticket (local transport)                                                                            4.00RMB

Monthly pass (regular price)                                                                                  200.00RMB

Taxi start (normal tariff)                                                                                          13.00RMB

Taxi 1 mile (normal tariff).                                                                                      2.30RMB


Rent Per Month          

Apartment (1 bedroom) inside city center                                                7,035.00RMB

Apartment (1 bedroom) outside city center                                             4,070.62RMB

Apartment (3 bedroom) inside city center                                                17,000.00RMB

Apartment (3 bedroom) outside city center                                             9,200.00RMB


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