How to enter the Chinese circle

How to enter the Chinese circle

China is the best country for any foreigner or international member, the country has a lot maximum security and favoring policies for all the international citizens to the China. In a year there are a lot of members who get in to the country for different purposes such as studies, vacation, touring, or working purposes (business).

During the arrival, these fellows meet a lot of new and interesting things offered by China. For example they come across totally new culture practiced by the natives, new traditions and social ethics practiced by the natives, new language spoken by the citizens of the country the one that totally differ from their home town language, new kind and type of foods that are being cooked and ate by the natives, different kinds of services offered by the government to the people, a totally different environment which is very beautiful and attractive and a new weather (climatic changes and seasons) to name a few.

All the mentioned above are some of the few things that makes China as a developed country a whole new and different from other countries, without excluding the technology they own, their political practice and level of economy reached. This is exactly the Chinese circle, and as a foreigner when you enter the country you have to accept and follow up on the practice of these so as to join together with the Chinese netizens and make China a better place for the leaving.

As a foreigner you have to practice the China`s ethics, join them by eating or trying their food, including yourself in social matters (affairs) socialization and getting new Chinese friends who will teach you the language in advance, and therefore minimize the language barrier.

Therefore join the Chinese circle by celebrating the China`s holidays, new year, and different kind of ceremonies, example spring celebrations. Learn their history and culture from several tribes and cities like Xi`an, Beijing, Hangzhou and many more, visit the popular cities and get to consume the China`s first hand products.

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