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study in Dalian China

Dalian, the city with green squares and fountains. This is what you would remember after you have visited this young city, rich in colonial history and much more. Dalian is a southern coastal city with the presence of the Yellow and Bohai Sea.

There is never enough to see in this vibrant city, and a lot of tourists pick this place to spend their vacations especially during the summers because of the presence and abundance of places for swimming. There are also a lot of historically significant structures around the city and previous colonization from the Japanese and Russians have given it a slight by notable difference in culture. The city is also the popular for being the soccer hub of the country; being home to most of the best soccer teams in the country. It is also a fashion centre and many renowned fashion companies hold galas in autumn.

For all these reasons, if you choose to study in the city of Dalian, you can never be bored. There are notably a number of universities in Dalian which students can get enrolled into to study various majors. There is the Dalian Medical University, Dongbei University of Finance, Liaoning Normal University, Dalian University and Dalian Maritime University, just to mention a few.

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