China university English

China university English

Studying abroad is a very wise decision, and for all the countless benefits you shall derive in bettering your CV it also improves your relationships and overall view of the different races.China currently has improved its overall influence in global economics and international affairs and hence it’s been considered as one of the worlds most powerful nations, making it very invaluable to study there. To top that, Chinas historic background, diverse culture, the beautiful lands and endless resources make it a destination everyone would want to consider.

With all the temptations to study in China, one thing that drives most students away is the language spoken by the majority in China. This concern of students is very understandable because, the Chinese language, Mandarin even though is one of the most beautiful languages to learn, it’s very difficult to master for those who aren’t familiar with it.

Fortunately, the past decade has seen a major improvement by the Chinese in the improvement of their English language. Over 90% of all the cities in China including Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai have classes that are taught in English language to help the ever growing international student population.

Nowadays English education can be found in most Universities and colleges throughout china. All Chinas larger cities with the more popular schools and colleges, have more courses been taught than lesser known ones. More and more Universities are adding English courses to their curricula to improve the opportunities to study inChinafor International students.

Lecturers and Teachers undergo further training in English to improve their English speaking and teaching skills. They also take English proficiency tests to ensure their English is adequate and proper enough to teach in English language.

Some of the topmost ranked schools like Peking University and Tsinghua University in Beijing have produced excellent scholars while studying in English language. Choosing to study in these schools will mean you will be exposed to the beauty and cultural diversity of ancient Beijing, the capital ofChina, city where most of the locals can speak Basic English language and read a bit of it.

For a bigger and ultra modern city like Shanghai, the English proficiency of the locals is much higher than all the other cities. This is because Shanghai has been recognized as the most international city in the country and the government has made huge efforts in making English studies available to all. As the country’s largest city, studying in English is very common and more improved, this makes pursuing a degree more efficient. The city boasts of popular schools like Fudan University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University


What are the benefits of studying in English in China

Studying in English here inChinawill be of great advantage to any student. This is because all lecturers teaching in English have all the right qualifications and experience in teaching in English. It will be the same as studying abroad in an English speaking country.

These are the benefits derived:

China surrounds students with the right atmosphere which enables all students to study in happiness and satisfaction, while making students feel at home with the hospitability of the natives.

l  The skills and knowledge that is gotten from the professors and lecturers are of high standard. A standard many will rightly match with that of Europe and theUS.

l  Graduate students from China Universities are qualified to work in any Country. They are also qualified to sit any examination for a higher qualification in any country.

l  Over 89% of graduates from china stand out wherever they go due to the rich and exceptional internship opportunities and practical teaching lessons adopted by the colleges and universities in China.

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