Best cities in China to study

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Best cities in China to study

Now that you have decided to study, the hard part is deciding where in China you would actually like to study. China has close to 1.4 billion citizens and is the second largest land area of any country on earth, boasting over 100 cities with a population exceeding one million people. It is remarkably diverse in terms of geography, ethnicities and languages spoken.


Boasting a population of 30 million, Shanghai is the largest city in China and more importantly the centre of trade, finance and commercial activity. Shanghai is an architectural wonder which is home to the busiest container port. Simply stated Shanghai is a big deal. If you’re intrigued by the modern face of china, you should consider studying in Shanghai as the premier option. It is the anchor of Chinas booming industrial sector and also one of the most influential economic nodes. Shanghai has interesting landmarks, prestigious museums and cultural integrity.


This city thrives no less than shanghai, better known as the politically command city and most certainly is the capital of China. The city is home to prestigious schools which never compromises on education. Beijing certainly blows its own trumpet when it comes to the fact that its home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites. It features many skyscrapers and one of the most efficient subway systems in China


A city known for its scenic and also it has been among the most prosperous cities in China. Despite is laidback feel it actually forms the core of Chinas fourth largest metropolitan area and so it has more weight beyond its bevy of natural and historic attractions.

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