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study in China cost

For at least the past decade or more, China has become the best place for foreign students to study abroad and further come out as the best in whatever fields of study they pursued. It is an unarguable fact that the number of students from other countries who choose China as a preferred place of study has risen overwhelmingly during this period. This can be greatly attributed to the cost of education in China.

China is home to a lot of the most affordable universities in the world. These universities’ performances however do not depict their cost of tuition as most people would assume. They are in fact up there with some of the best universities around the globe. China is rather a place with a great leadership and low cost of living which has not surprisingly reflected into their education and even foreigners get to take advantage of this. Apart from this this, China is also a very peaceful nation with citizens who are very hospitable and always ready to exchange cultures and different ways of lives with foreigners.

Let us run you through the average cost of study in a university in China. First, to apply for a university in China, students would need a sum of about 500$, postage inclusive. An average first year tuition fee should be about 6,500$, accommodation inclusive. From this, we could say that an average of 7,000$ or less could cater for both application and school fees. Talk to an Acasc personnel now to help pick the best university for you today!

Admissions usually open around April and close late September for every given year group. Chinese universities however follow the rolling admission policy; therefore, it is a ‘first come first serve’ affair till the required number of students is reached and if that comes ahead of the deadline given by the school, the university may abruptly close admission. Students who are interested in applying should therefore start as soon as soon as possible to avoid any inconveniencies. 

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