Ningbo – China

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Ningbo – China

Located in the northeast province of Zhejiang in China, it comprises of satellite cities, rural counties and a few urban districts. When it comes to tourism, Ningbo can blow its own horn for pristine places such as BaoguoTemple,JiangbeiDistrict,ZhaobaoMountain,QitaTemple,Tianhou Temples and many other captivating spots.  The natives speak the dialect of Wu Chinese and Ningbo is certainly famous for its stuffed buns.

Ningbo is rich in education and has approximately 16 colleges and universities, of these several institutes are permitted to conduct international education for foreign students


Top Universities in Ningbo


Ø  Ningbo University

Located in Ningbo, Zhejiang province. The university has 5 campuses that spans across 160 hectors. There is magnificent building with wide space for study and research.

The pleasant management of the university makes it a sterling environment for study and growth. As an individual this institute will mould you into a fine professional.


Ø  Ningbo University of Technology

This institute was founded in 1983 focuses mainly in engineering specialities while it places emphasis on multidisciplinary growth. International exchange programs have been encouraged. The university has strong relations with institutes in USA, Germany,Australia,UK, Canada and other countries across the globe.


Ø  Zhejiang Wanli University

The school aims at establishing internationalization of education and has made enough efforts with countries across the globe such as UK,America, Cana and Japan. Multiple programs are offered with best quality of Education.



Other schools that are found in Ningbo:

Ø  Ningbo Dahongying University

Ø  The University of Nottingham Ningbo, China


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