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Study in Qingdao

Located in the province of Shandong, Qingdao is warm seaside city with enchanting views of the ocean. The city has a great deal of European architecture which is a remnant of its colonial past. The food has distinct flavours and the government recognises the importance of tourism. Qingdao must be recognised for staring in movies such as “The Great wall”, “Underdog Fight I and II”,“Ocean Paradise” and “Beauty Remains”. A part from its popular festivals Qingdao is home to many Chinese Celebrities and notable people.


There are more than 28 colleges and universities in Qingdao. Popular Colleges and Universities in Qingdao:

Ocean University of China

Most important university in maritime sciences in China under the direct jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education. This institute offers majors in all branches of natural and social sciences alongside engineering and its renowned specialities of maritime sciences and fishery sciences.

vQingdao technology University

This school forms an integral component of higher education and offers programs in Civil, mechanical and environmental engineering.

vQingdao University

This institute maintains a reputation of one of the best comprehensive university in the Shandong province  , boasting a stronger reputation in education programs such as business , medical sciences , textile and design  and various other programs , Qingdao university serves 32 300 undergraduate students , 7400 graduate students and approximately 1600 international students

vQingdao University of Science and Technology

Currently a multidisciplinary institute offering academic programs in technology,Humanities,Medicine, law and arts. This school has three campuses and boasts a colourful student life.

vInternational Business College of Qingdao

vQingdao University Medical College

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