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Study in Kunming-China

The city of Kunming’s literal translation is the transcription of an ancient tribal name. Kunming is the capital and largest city of Yunnan Province. Commonly known as spring city due to its favourable climate. The city of Kunming holds great economic importance and will become the hub and terminus for the “Pan Asia High Speed Network” .the city can also boast some of the finest museums, galleries and educational institutes. Just like the rest of China, the face of Kunming is constantly changing and most of the old neighbourhoods have been demolished to make room for upmarket malls. In addition to this, the city is faced with the occurrence of traffic jams. Regardless of these changes, the essentially easy-going nature of the Kunming is, thankfully the same .

Yunnan Normal University

§  Ideal for learning Chinese – ranked among the top 18 of national key universities in teaching

§  The Chinese as a second language to foreign students

§  Staff and most of the locals speak English

§  Dormitories and dining halls are off a high standard equitable to hotel standard.


Kunming University of Science & Technology

§  Largest university in Yunnan province that offers the most affordable Chinese program

§  Favourable climates with minimal living expenses

§  Most of the staff and Chinese can speak English


Yunnan University of Finance & Economics

§  Eligible university which is key for that of business studies

§  The Chinese program is fairly reasonable in term of cost and duration


Yunnan University

§  Among the best institutes of the province

§  The cost of tuition is approximately half of that of institutes in Beijing & Shanghai

§  Famously known as one of the fifteen internationally prestigious universities in China

§  Easy on the pocket with favourable climate all year


Yunnan University of the Nationality

§  Comprehensive institute for higher education for all Chinese ethnic groups

§  Founded in the early 1950’s

§  Multi-levelled with distinctive academic programs covering 10 disciplines

§  The university has received visitors from over 80 global destinations



Kunming Medical University

§  Offers the medical degree in the English Medium

§  Living cost & tuition fee is easy on the pocket

§  Recognised by the World Health Organisation which allows graduates to be eligible to take the medical licensing examinations held by various medical councils such as USMLE, PMDC, HPCSA


Kunming University

§  The only university in Yunnan to be approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of the Peoples Republic of China

§  The university’s library stands out among all the facilities followed by the school boasting over 30 first class laboratories

§  The university takes admissions from across the country


Southwest Forestry University

§  Established solely for the specialty of forestry

§  Recruits international students for long and short term Chinese courses in addition to the regular courses it offers


Yunnan Agricultural University

§  The university feature two libraries that contains 1.3257 million volumes of books and has 5 national platforms for teaching , scientific research & social services

§  The university has been awarded many international and local organisations for its sterling achievements

§  The university has established successful intercollegiate exchange and cooperation of science and technology with colleges. Universities and research institutions in Britain, U.S, Japan and various other regions.


Yunnan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

§  Experiences spring-like weather and boasts majestic sceneries

§  The university is now able to award master degree after enduring 46 years of development and has set up 2 campuses.


Yunnan Arts University

§  The only all-embracing art university in Southwest China

§  In its glory it has an affiliated art school and a Centre of International Art Exchange which is responsible for its recruiting.

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